Case Study: Mobile Innovation – Communicating with Professional Students

This is the fifth in a series of seven case studies developed as part of the mobile innovation project.  These cutting edge teaching approaches may not be suitable for everyone, and some proved difficult in their implementation, but the project provided the opportunity for staff to try out new ways of delivering learning.

This case study describes the use of mobile technologies to communicate with professional trainees who were already in workplaces. The tutor identified that the students did not find the Blackboard site convenient to access either from home or from their workplaces.  However they all had smartphones, and indicated that they preferred to receive academic information via these.  For the remainder of their course, the tutor therefore used text and email to communicate with the trainees rather than posting announcements and resources on the Blackboard site.  The students also shared resources with each other via an online application called Dropbox. 44282411@N04/6738333743/

The innovation demonstrated a need for quick and easy communication via mobiles, something we are feeding back to the mobile team at Blackboard to see if we can have the best of both worlds.  You can read more about this approach by reading the two-page case study entitled: Mobile Innovation – Communicating with Professional Students

If you are willing to share your experiences in teaching online in a similar case study, please contact us through the Suggestions link.

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