Case Study: Illustrating difficult concepts using screencasts

This case study describes how a tutor used recorded videos to improve the way students learned some of the difficult core concepts within a module.  Students were struggling to cope with the technical content and the tutor’s teaching pace.In order to improve the student experience the tutor considered other approaches for delivering the learning material and identified screencasting as a possible method.  Two screencasts explaining difficult concepts from the lecture were developed to provide students with more detailed information about the material.

A screenshot of the screencast introducing shuspace, to demonstrate what a screencast looks like

Example: shuspace screencast

The students could watch the videos when they wanted to, as many times as they wanted to and at their own pace.

The tutor found the software easy to use with long term benefits of being able to use the videos with different cohorts.  She was also able to track student engagement and as a result observed that students participating in this form of learning performed better in a phase test than those who did not.

Students valued the tutor for the effort invested in developing additional resources and found the screencasts informative.

You can read more about this approach in the two-page case study entitled: Illustrating difficult concepts using screencasts.

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