Changes in shuspace

This semester there’s a couple of small but significant changes that have happened to shuspace.

The top bar on every tab used to just contain the search tool, but following student input, we’ve added other things to improve navigation and access to information…


Firstly there’s a link to the directory of practical information. This means that if they find it easier than searching for specific pieces of information, students can navigate straight to them.

Then there’s the new screencasts and guidance for students showing them how to make the best of shuspace. While our new intake are getting used to the using shuspace this will stay there.


The other big change is the name of the My Future tab – which is now Employability. Although the original name was chosen by students, we realised it wasn’t helping students to find guidance and resources that would help them develop their understanding of the value of employability skills. Over the next few months the content of the Employability tab will be evolving too.

In the meantime, our interns Jess and Nick will be working together to find interesting things to do with the log-in screen on shuspace which are more about reflecting the university community..

Watch this space.

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