Pasting text from Word documents into Blackboard

Have you ever copied and pasted text from a Word document into Blackboard? If so you may have encountered problems with formatting, as Word tends to add a lot of extra hidden formatting in their documents that causes issues for Blackboard’s text editor and may mean that changing the font size, colour, etc. has no affect.

The good news is that now there is a solution in Blackboard to help you with this called Paste from Word. This add-on to Blackboard allows you to paste text from Word into any description box and it removes all the extra junk Word formatting from it, allowing the Blackboard text editor to function correctly. Note that it will not clear out all formatting like bold, underline, etc. but will try to clean it up so that the Blackboard editor can be used to modify it.

You can find it in the text editor, under the mashups button Icon for mashups in the Blackboard text editor.

Image of selecting Paste from Word in the Blackboard text editor

Once you select Paste from Word a new window will open where you should paste the text from the Word document. Click Submit and it will appear in your Blackboard text area.

The next version of Blackboard should include an improved text editor which can do this feature automatically but we hope this solution will help staff out now with copying and pasting text.

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