Logging into Blackboard and shuspace

So while this seems to be a fairly simple topic for the blog, I thought it was worth doing as it is proving to be one of the most searched for terms in reaching the blog on the Internet.

Currently, if you try accessing Blackboard via the old URLs (blackboard.shu.ac.uk and my.shu.ac.uk) you may receive certificate errors.  These URLs have not been used for the past few years so you will now get an error when you first reach them.  We recommend using the up-to-date URL of http://shuspace.shu.ac.uk to avoid any errors.  This will probably mean changing any bookmarks (favourites) you have set on your computer so they point to the correct location.

On another point, we have successfully upgraded Blackboard to the latest version.  You will notice some changes to features like the Grade Centre, as mentioned in an earlier post.  We’ll be covering those changes in more detail over the next couple of weeks.

2 thoughts on “Logging into Blackboard and shuspace

    • Your course should provide details of your network username and default password, which will work to sign on to computers throughout the campus, as well as your email, shuspace, etc. If you have not received those yet, I would ask your course contact about it. You probably received some information from them before coming to the University.

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