Did you know? Support for e-learning

Did you know there is a lot of support available to help support staff with e-learning and Blackboard?

We are committed to providing comprehensive technical and pedagogical support for the integration of e-learning into the curriculum.  The Bb-support tab in shuspace is the best place to go to find out about all of the support available for staff.

Image of the Blackboard support tab at the top of shuspace
Inside of it you can find the latest news, self-help instructions for using Blackboard and other e-learning approaches, links to upcoming sessions, and information on requesting support online or by phone.

We also have some support available for students, available through the Blackboard Help link we have added to the bottom of all 2010/11 Blackboard sites.  This support will be reviewed by a student employee in the coming year to ensure that it meets the needs of students.

We want to improve our support so it is meeting your needs, so if you have any suggestions on what would be helpful for you, please let us know (you can leave a comment here if you want)!

The ‘Did you know?’ series explores possibilities in e-learning that you may not be aware of.  See other articles from the series.

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