Digital Fluency Diagnostic Tool Pilot

In light of the refreshing e-learning initiative at Sheffield Hallam, do you want to …

  • be more confident with using technologies?
  • improve your ability to make electronic presentations, including effectively using media?
  • enhance your ability to find and use information resources in your subject area?
  • develop your critical evaluation skills with online information?
  • maintain and manage your awareness of the latest developments in your subject area?
  • better understand the way you present yourself through email?

If so, why not take part in the Digital Fluency Diagnostic Tool pilot. This tool is designed to support individual staff efforts to improve digital fluency through self-evaluation and providing a range of suggested activities and resources that you can do immediately, at a later date or with colleagues.

If you would like to explore and evaluate the Digital Fluency Diagnostic Tool, please contact Stuart Hepplestone in the LTI (email or call extn. 4744). Feedback from the evaluation will enable us to improve the range of areas, activities and resources available, as well as the usability of the tool.

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