30 January 2018

Areas the board are promoting following the January Board


Christina provided a chairs update on the following appointments

  • David Kyffin to Head of Operations and Development, Hallam Guild
  • Jaqueline Stevenson has been asked to provide extra capacity to the Guild alongside BME Attainment work
  • Ailsa Hogg, Head of Student Communications (based in STEER)

DFE Regulative Update
The board received a presentation from University Secretary Martin Conway and raised the following points regarding the new Office for Students (OfS):

  • concern of the dilution of funding and investment
  • weakened protection of the UK HE brand by HEfCE
  • losing the adjustment period in the current HEfCE approach when looking at issues and seeking to understand. More immediate sanctions from OfS expected.
  • The transfer element/increased flexibility welcome
  • Student Protection Plan will need to be reviewed

Committee Reports
University Recruitment Committee – Nicola Rawlins provided an extended update on the FTUG 18/19 applications following the 15 January UCAS deadline, as well as the recent release from UCAS of the end of cycle data for 17/18.

Technology Strategy Update
The board received a presentation from Richard Dryden

The Board noted there was a need to consider the digital capability of staff, and some platform issues alongside the current strong robust infrastructure.

The Chair asked how can we help DTS to help us? Richard confirmed we are on the right path through prioritisation and collaboration.

Employability Plan update
The board received a presentation on the Employability Plan fulfilling its intentions to

  • offer more and better jobs, first to our graduates and then also to Levels 5 and 6
  • develop better prepared students
  • The presentation includes the upcoming key dates in the Graduate Support Programme.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Record of the meeting held on 18 December 2017
  3. DFE Regulative Update
  4. Committee reports
  5. Technology Strategy Update
  6. Employability Plan update
  7. Planning 2018/19
    1. Employability – Innovative and Applied Curriculum
    2. ACHIEVE – outline plan
  8. Distinctive Applied Curriculum update
  9. SF University and Faculty Boards – Governance Integration update
  10. Monthly Performance Report
  11. Communication Spotlight
  12. AOB


Christina Hughes – Chair; Julie Bird; Simon Bromley; Julie Brunton; Nuala Devlin; Leopold Green; Graham Holden; Rebecca Khanna; David Laughton; Bernie Marshall; Linda Mason; Neil McKay; Conor Moss; Nicola Rawlins; Joe Rennie, Toni Schwarz; Simon Thompson; Claire Ward; Rachel Parnham – Interim Minutes Secretary. Guests: Paul Heys; Esther Kent.