28 November 2017

Areas the board are promoting following the November Board

Committee Reports
Student Experience Committee
The Board received the Terms of Reference for the new Student Experience Committee which will be co-chaired by Director of Library & Student Support Services – Nuala Devlin and Dean of Students – Neil McKay.
The Committee is accountable to the Shaping Futures Board for the articulation and effective governance of the student experience activities throughout the student lifecycle that support induction, transition, retention, progression and achievement. The committee will also maintain oversight of student communications.
Some minor amendments are being made to finalise the Terms of Reference, including two members from each faculty who will be nominated by the ADADs.

Graduate Support Programme updateGraduate Internships
Update 5 December (following Jenny Cole’s (DEEP) presentation at the Board)
– 136 Graduates (Class of 2017) have either applied for an Employer advertised Internship (99) or a self-sourced Internship/Enterprise bursary (37).
– The Graduate Support Programme team in Employer Partnerships and The Enterprise team are now working with the employers and the Graduates to ensure every single applicant secures an Internship.
– Careers and Employability will work to ensure that every Graduate gets the support they need along with a Business Induction day which kick starts their Internship 19 December/ 1st week in January.
Next steps – Remaining opportunities will be extended out to further student groups as agreed at the Board.

Student Services Technology
Libby Wilson provided an update on PSOM and the IT architecture landscape including a demonstration of the recently developed Student View.
Student View can be accessed via SITS Online (requires login).

1.     Apologies for absence
2.     Record of the meeting held on 10 October 2017
3.     Committee reports
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5.     KPMG Reports and next steps
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b.    Distinctive Applied Curriculum
8.     University Performance Report
9.     BME Attainment Analysis
10.  TEF Year 3 briefing
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Attendees: Christina Hughes – Chair; Helen Best; Simon Bromley; Nuala Devlin; Leopold Green; Graham Holdem; Kevin Kerrigan, Rebecca Khanna; David Laughton; Linda Mason; Neil McKay; Bernie Marshall; Conor Moss; Nicola Rawlins; Joe Rennie, Nasser Sherkat; Sarah Swales; Toni Schwarz; Jacqueline Stevenson; Claire Ward; Helen Roberts (HVR) – Secretary.  Guests: Julie Byrd, Students’ Union; Jenny Cole; Libby Wilson, Rachel Parnham, Katie Wall