27 June 2017


Key discussion points and outcomes

Employability business case
Following extensive consultation and development, a business case was presented to the Board for consideration.  This comprised two elements:  an immediate priority of additional support for 2017 graduates into highly skilled employment (an area where our TEF metrics highlighted we had further work to do); and a longer term plan to ensure that we were both future proofing our employability offer and leading the sector in this area.  The immediate priority area, comprising funding for additional internships together with a Graduate Support Programme was agreed. It was agreed that the medium to long-term proposals are to be further developed so there is alignment with the work of the LLEG Pillar Board in terms of Global Engagement; the outcomes of the Professional and Support Services Model project; and further consideration to areas of the plan to ensure they are sector leading. Simon Thompson, Head of Careers and Employability, was asked to progress this further and submit an update to the July or Sept Board meeting for further consideration.

Engage:  Terms of Reference
The Board received new terms of reference for a new committee that would focus on enhancing and supporting the University and the Student Union’s strategies.  This Committee will be co-chaired by the Chair of the Board of Governors and the Chair of the Students’ Union Board of Trustees.  This Committee will be named Engage and will replace the Student Voice Committee.

The proposed KPIs (in the areas of recruitment, retention, employability, NSS and BME attainment) were discussed and refined prior to their presentation to the University Leadership Team for their approval in July.

RAG and CIP process update
A revised CIP form has been designed that includes the core agreed University-wide metric targets (RAG rated across departments) across Shaping Futures.  ADADs will be disseminating the CIPs in their Faculties.

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) next steps discussion
The Board considered the TEF outcomes and noted how ‘Gold’ ranked institutions had a clear sense of identity, purpose and focus as conveyed through their narrative statements   This was an area for our attention.

Shaping Futures Away Day
The Board had an away day on 19 June to discuss future direction of the strategic pillar work plan.
Spend was endorsed at a recent Shaping Futures away day to enable Nicola Rawlins, Director of Admissions and UK Recruitment, to establish a temporary service to call conditional firm offer applicants prior to induction with a view to increasing retention.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Record of the meeting held on 16 May 2017
  3. Employability business case
  4. Committee reports
  5. Engage terms of reference
  6. Pillar Board key performance indicators (KPIs)
  7. RAG and CIP process update
  8. Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) next steps discussion
  9. AOB


Christina Hughes (Chair), Helen Best, Simon Bromley, Nuala Devlin, Roger Eccleston, Paul Harrison, Graham Holden, Rebecca Khanna, Daniel Ladbury, David J Laughton, Neil McKay, Nicola Rawlins, Joe Rennie, Leopold Green, Linda Mason, Sarah Swales, Simon Thompson, Claire Ward and Helen Roberts (Secretary).