25 July 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes

Pillar immediate priorities overview /refresh
Christina Hughes, Board Chair, revisited the immediate priorities and gave progress updates. Joe Rennie, Director of Registry Services, was asked to circulate an update on the development of the Portfolio (Course) Review Framework and in particular the areas of focus.

Committee terms of reference
The Board approved the terms of reference for a new committee ‘Engage’ that replaces the Student Voice Committee and will focus on enhancing and supporting the University and the Student Union’s strategies. The new arrangements will take effect from the beginning of the next academic year.Terms of reference for each of the three committees can be found below:
Teaching Quality Committee 
University Recruitment Committee
Achieving Consistently Outstanding Outcomes programme (ACOO) business case
A business case for the ACOO programme was presented for comment. The Shaping Futures priority areas of retention, employability, the BME attainment gap and assessment and feedback are being grouped together under one programme called “Achieving Consistently Outstanding Outcomes”.  In consequence, this programme of work will have four work streams:
·         Retention
·         BME Attainment Gap
·         Assessment and Feedback (NSS)
·         DLHE 2018 (16/17 cohort) – this work was approved at June Shaping Futures board and is focussed on this year’s graduating students.
The four work streams have been grouped into one programme in order to provide a common framework to achieve one of the top 10 University strategic priorities of ‘clear targeted, comprehensive actions to deliver consistently excellent performance across the student lifecycle’.  This common framework will enable all departments to deliver the University wide commitments by 2018/19 and we will also use a Proof of Concept (POC) approach in identified departments where specific small scale interventions will be developed and implemented to understand impact and potential scalability in order to achieve the goals outlined below.  Having one programme enables the effective evaluation and sharing of best practice.
The Board approved the approach, plan and the funds to begin the work for the new academic year. An update on progress will be brought to the Shaping Futures Board in October 2017 and at three monthly intervals thereafter.
Mandate for the Hallam Guild
The Board reviewed the mandate for the creation of the Hallam Guild. The Hallam Guild will provide the infrastructure for the development of a transformative and sector-leading approach to supporting teaching excellence. It will do this by creating a cross-University network of educators and professional service colleagues who will be focused on enhancing our quality and distinctiveness through scholarship, research, praxis and impact in learning and teaching.
The Hallam Guild will build on, support and further enhance our current infrastructure for professional support and institutional development. Currently, we have excellent professional development work supported in our faculties and Directorates. The Hallam Guild is designed to further enhance and support this excellence. It does so by creating a membership organisation that, supported by an Academic Director, is run by its members who are engaged in supporting our strategy through internal and external profiling.
It is envisaged that the Guild will harness the power of the whole institution’s endeavours for enhancing the student experience in terms of quality and distinctiveness by supporting the development of strong cultures of student engagement, knowledge exchange, collaboration and the productive outcomes that arise from networking whether this is within the University, regionally, nationally or internationally.
The Board approved the next steps to begin recruitment of the administrative support staff and produce a business case.


Reflections on TEF narratives & Annual Quality Report
The Board received a summary report of the analysis of the TEF Outcomes and the draft Annual Quality Report for information.


1. Apologies for absence
2. Record of the meeting held on 27 June 2017
3. Pillar immediate priorities overview / refresh
4. Committee reports
5. Committee terms of reference
6. Achieving Consistently Outstanding Outcomes programme business case
7. Mandate for the Hallam Guild
8. Reflections on TEF narratives
9. Annual Quality Report
10. AOB
Attendees: Christina Hughes (Chair), Helen Best, Clare Boot, Chris Husbands, Kevin Kerrigan, John Leach, Nuala Devlin, Paul Harrison, Graham Holden, David J Laughton, Nicola Rawlins, Joe Rennie, Leopold Green, Linda Mason, Nasser Sherkat, Helen Roberts (Secretary) and guests presenting items.