18 December 2017

Areas the Board are promoting following the December Board


Learning Analytics Option Appraisal
The Board received the options appraisal for Learning Analytics which included a roadmap to developing a university-wide system (building on the IT architecture led by Building a Great University Board).  Drawing on JISC’s ‘on boarding’ survey, we know that the strategic drivers and benefits for the university are clear and remain aligned with the sector.  In addition, ethical and legal considerations are currently being addressed in advance of the GDPR deadline.   However, the ‘on-boarding’ questionnaire also clearly identifies the need to carry out further work on Technology and Data and Structure and Governance.  With these considerations the Board approved the commissioning of a short piece of work to carry out a ‘readiness’ survey (external consultancy) to inform the future investment decision on a full learning analytics solution.

Hallam Guild Business Case
The Board received and approved the business case for the Hallam Guild.  This comprised funding for the Director, Head of Operations and Development, Administrator and funding programmes with a launch date of September 2018.  A briefing document providing more information is being prepared and will be made available as soon as possible..

ACHIEVE website
The ACHIEVE website has been launched.  The website includes updates and information for the programmes of innovation, research and practice from the ACHIEVE programme (Shaping Futures – Deliverable 1). You can also follow ACHIEVE on twitter @ACHIEVE_Hallam.


1.     Apologies for absence
2.     Record of the meeting held on 28 November 2017
3.     Committee reports
4.     Learning Analytics Option Appraisal
5.     Away day next steps
6.     Hallam Guild Business Case
7.     ACHIEVE website
8.     Graduate Support Programme
9.     Monthly Performance Report
10.  Communication Spotlight
11.  AOB


Christina Hughes – Chair; Simon Bromley; Nuala Devlin; Leopold Green; Graham Holdem; Kevin Kerrigan, Rebecca Khanna; David Laughton; Linda Mason; Neil McKay; Bernie Marshall; Conor Moss; Nicola Rawlins; Joe Rennie, Nasser Sherkat; Toni Schwarz; Sarah Swales; Simon Thompson; Claire Ward; Helen Roberts (HVR) – Secretary.  Guests: Rachel Parnham; Esther Kent