17 September 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes

Strategy Implementation update

The Board received a presentation ‘How are we implementing the University Strategy’.
Update Reports
ACHIEVE The Board received an update on the progress of the ACHIEVE work, including the ACOO programme. This included developments with the governance framework including establishment of an Impact and Evaluation Advisory group incorporating student representation and project teams.
Graduate Employability Programme – The Board received an update on the Graduate Support Programme and SHU Internships Scheme.  It was agreed for PVC Deans and members of the Board to be provided with a simple statement relating to phase 2 of the Graduate Support Programme that can be circulated.
Retention – The Board received an update on the development of pilot initiatives and a series of workshops on the options appraisal work for Learning Analytics (and attendance monitoring). This will be presented at November board.
BME attainment – The Board received an update on the ‘BME attainment gap’ launch and the next steps
Assessment and feedback – The Board received an update on progress.
Common Action Teams (CATs) – The Board received an update on work being undertaken to identify areas to be supported by CATs.
Employability Business Case
The Board received  the revised business case with changes made since July which includes the Hallam Award having been developed with new longer-term ambitions.  The Board approved the business case.
Portfolio Review
The Board received proposals regarding the Portfolio Review, including external input, the task group membership and timeline.
Recruitment and Clearing update
The Board received a presentation detailing the latest position on undergraduate student recruitment for 2017/18 and highlighting key themes.  Some concerns were raised and noted about the recruitment of a small number of students lacking the level of Maths and English normally required.
Attendance monitoring – The Board received a briefing on plans for attendance monitoring for 2017/18 including planned staff communications.
1.     Apologies for absence
2.     Record of the meeting held on 25 July
3.     Committee reports
4.     Strategy Implementation update
5.     Update Reports
              i.        ACOO Programme
             ii.        Graduate Employability Programme
            iii.        Retention
            iv.        BME Attainment
             v.        Assessment and Feedback
            vi.        Hallam Guild
6.     Employability Business Case
7.     Portfolio Review Strategy
8.     Recruitment and Clearing update
9.     NSS Survey Results
10.  AOB
Attendees: Christina Hughes – Chair; Helen Best, Nuala Devlin; Roger Eccelston; Leopold Green; Kevin Kerrigan, Rebecca Khanna; Dan Ladbury; David Laughton; Bernie Marshall; Linda Mason; Neil McKay; Conor Moss; Joe Rennie, Nasser Sherkat; Sarah Swales; Simon Thompson; Claire Ward; and guests/representatives: Phil Bloor Jacqueline Stevenson; Michael Clark – acting Secretary