16 May 2018

Areas the board are promoting following the May Board


Committee Reports

  • University Teaching Quality Committee Leopold Green shared that the committee had approved a revised external examiner role descriptor. It was agreed that the University should redesign the display of regulations online and should also conduct a review of the implications associated with changing the degree algorithm.
  • University Teaching Quality Committee Annual Review The Annual Review meeting took place on 26 April. A number of key areas were highlighted from the Faculty Assistant Dean (AD) reports. Such areas included: a continued need for targeted approaches to retention, a request for a system to support attendance management, the further development of a cultural capability in relation to employability and staff development relating to what it is to be a Hallam academic in an applied world. ADs also highlighted the need for further information on the PSOM structures and their implications. From central directorate reports, group complaints were identified as an area to be closely monitored in future.
  • Engage There are ongoing discussions relating to listening organisations and how the student voice is defined. Consideration is being given to an action plan which will include policies, processes and systems for students to engage with. The Welfare Officer presented a report on a collection of international students’ experiences, which identified a number of issues to be fed into the ongoing student lifecycle work.
  • University Recruitment Committee (URC): Phil Bloor provided an update on the projected enrolment position for UG students. Conversion rates are down from 27.7% to 27%. SHU remains ahead of competitor groups, however the gap has narrowed. This has been primarily attributed to a rise in unconditional offers across the sector. A 50% increase in recruitment at clearing is therefore required, totalling approximately 600 additional students. Home/EU Postgraduate student applications have increased by 25% and offers have increased by 20%. International applications for both PG and UG provision have increased. Consideration is being given to the marketing and recruitment plans for clearing. New developments include an online referral form and the publishing of clearing tariffs to ensure that there is transparency. It is anticipated that the restructuring of the extended degrees into Foundation Degrees should also help to boost clearing numbers. There was some discussion regarding the mechanisms in place to support non-standard entry students. There is a need to consider how the University’s recruitment strategy impacts upon the resources required to appropriately support different cohort groups.

Sexual Violence, Harassment and Hate Crime Project
Naomi Saxton provided a paper ahead of the meeting and delivered a presentation detailing the developments of the Sexual Violence, Harassment and Hate Crime Project at the May Shaping Futures Pillar Board. Full details including the presentation and paper can be accessed here.

ACHIEVE and Faculty plans 18/19
Discussions are ongoing regarding which areas of the ACHIEVE programme should continue next year, taking into consideration the external environment. A ‘lessons learned’ approach has been taken to inform future developments.
Work is being undertaken to pull together some of the smaller projects into a broader framework.

BME Attainment Gap
Jacqueline Stevenson brought a plan to Shaping Futures previously regarding a broader institutional push to close the BME attainment gap. This will need to connect to the Equality and Diversity plan, and should be included in the access agreement to support students as they progress.
Discussions are ongoing to ensure that faculties have the appropriate funding to undertake this work.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Action record of the meeting held on 19 April 2018
  3. Committee Reports
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  6. Monthly performance report
  7. Sexual Violence, Harassment and hate Crime Project
  8. Portfolio review update
  9. ACHIEVE and Faculty plans 18/19
  10. Academic Advising
  11. BME Attainment Gap
  12. Access and participation Plan update
  13. AOB


Christina Hughes – Chair, Helen Best, Julie Byrd, Simon Bromley, Julie Brunton, Nuala Devlin, Alisa Hogg, Graham Holden, Ashley Hopps, Becca Khanna, Dave Laughton, Linda Mason, Bernie Marshall, Neil McKay, Connor Moss, Sarah Swales, Claire ward, Emma Woodcock, Keri Landeg – Acting Minute Secretary and guests presenting items.