16 May 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes

Terms of reference review 
The terms of reference for the Shaping Futures Board were approved and can be found on the Information Hub. The Board also approved the terms of reference for the Teaching Quality Committee and University Recruitment Committee. The constitution of the Student Voice Committee is still under review and therefore the terms of reference for this will be presented at the next Board meeting in June.
University KPIs
Board members provided feedback on proposed Shaping Futures KPIs and, whilst the Board agreed with including those metric measures that strongly contribute to external reputation, it also discussed the importance of including areas that we, as an institution, value about the education of our students. This led to a broad discussion of ‘added value’ as an area to be followed up. The KPIs will now be refined within Strategic Planning and presented to the University Leadership Team for further comment.
Current Business
The Board progressed the work necessary in helping us achieve the Transforming Lives strategy: putting in place clear, targeted, comprehensive actions to deliver consistently excellent performance across the student lifecycle, as follows
  • Co-Sponsors agreed: Simon Bromley, D&S and Conor Moss, DEEP
  • A two-phase employability plan was presented by Conor Moss, Directorate of Education and Employer Partnerships. The Board provided feedback and were supportive of the direction of travel. A more detailed plan is to be presented at a future Board meeting.

Inclusive Practice

  • Co-Sponsors agreed: Jacqueline Stevenson, D&S and Graham Holden, LEAD.
  • BME Attainment Gap: The Board received a paper detailing the University’s position here. As a high priority in respect of inclusive practice, Jacqueline will be working closely with Neil McKay to put in place further actions.
  • In addition, it was agreed to further explore the potential and viability of ‘lecture capture’, as a way of supporting a range of students (those who commute; disabled and those with learning contracts; international, and so forth) through wider consultation and the development of a potential implementation plan. Graham Holden will take this forward.
  • Co-Sponsors agreed: Rebecca Khanna, HWB and Neil McKay, STEER
  • The Board received a paper that sets out the current state-of-play in this area and will form the basis of further planning.

Other notes – The Shaping Futures Board will be having an away day on 19 June prior to the next meeting on 27 June.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Record of the meeting held on 11 April 2017
  3. Terms of reference review
  4. Next stage of planning: University key performance indicators (KPIs) RAG ratings and Common Action Teams Portfolio support for boards
  5. Current business: Inclusive student experience -Recording of teaching activity (lecture capture) -BME student attainment Employability plan Retention
  6. AOB
Attendees: Christina Hughes (Chair), Helen Best, Simon Bromley, Nuala Devlin, Roger Eccleston, Paul Harrison, Graham Holden, Kevin Kerrigan, Rebecca Khanna, Daniel Ladbury, David J Laughton, Neil McKay, Nicola Rawlins, Joe Rennie, Chris Husbands, Bernie Marshall, Claire Ward, Helen Roberts (Secretary).