10 October 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes 

Committee Reports
The Board received verbal updates on the committees from the Chairs or their representatives.
The re-named University Teaching Quality Committee will present a report at the next Board on the Review of the Regularity Framework.
The University Recruitment Committee has met for the first time since confirmation and clearing and has reflected on this year’s performance.
A review of governance arrangements has identified a gap in the end-to-end governance of the student experience; A Student Experience Committee will therefore be established to fill this gap. Nuala Devlin and Neil McKay will co-chair the committee. The work to define the Terms of Reference will consider which groups could be disbanded or activities stopped as a result of establishing the committee.

Where we are now
The Board received a presentation on where we are now in terms of the Board’s remit and streams of work.

ACHIEVE progress
Shaping Futures’ 1st strategy deliverable work has been formed into a programme of work named ACHIEVE.
The board received an update on the governance, programme of work and interdependencies.
The programme of work includes the three ACOO workstreams (Enabling Inclusion and Equity, Retention, Assessment and Feedback), the Employability Plan and the Keys to Success work (Common Action Teams).

League Table Review
The Board received a presentation from Tom Russell on SHU’s performance in the recently published Sunday Times Good University Guide League Table.  The full Analysis Report can be accessed in the League Tables tab of The Source


1.     Apologies for absence
2.     Record of the meeting held on 12 September 2017
3.     Committee reports
4.     Where we are now
5.     ACHIEVE progress
6.     League Table Review
7.     AOB


Attendees: Christina Hughes – Chair; Helen Best; Simon Bromley; Nuala Devlin; Leopold Green; Kevin Kerrigan, Rebecca Khanna; David Laughton; Neil McKay; Joe Rennie, Nasser Sherkat; Sarah Swales; Simon Thompson; Claire Ward; Helen Roberts (HVR) – Secretary.  Guests: Michael Clark, Rachel Parnham, Phillipa Robinson, Tom Russell; Cathy Sinclair