05 March 2018

Areas the board are promoting following the March Board


Student’s Business
Luke Renwick, SU president brought student feedback to the board

  • Work complete about microwaves in libraries – achieved
  • Education zone/employability fairs – more department specific wanted from students. Simon Thompson talked through additional fairs taking place.
  • Luke asked who would they direct a student to if they had queries about placements – Simon Thompson confirmed they should go to the Employabilty advisers in Careers and Employment.
  • Student Union elections are taking place next week.

Monthly Performance Report
The board discussed the differing agendas and priorities between Shaping Futures Board and the Faculties – and the need for a consistent and coherent approach between Faculty and Shaping Futures plans. It was noted that discussions on governance had begun and there was a PWC audit on this area.  The outcomes of a planning workshop taking place in March will be brought back to a future board to ensure the alignment of plans.

The Board approved the Employability Promise. An update on the Employability Plan is being presented to the Board of Governors in their March meeting.

Access Agreement
Linda Mason presented the Access Agreement Update paper to the Board providing information on the outcomes of our annual monitoring return to the Office for Fair Access (Offa) and the latest information available about preparation for our next Access and Participation Plan (due April 2018).

Learning Anayltics update
Following the Board’s approval of the learning analytics consultancy work a small project group has formed to detail the requirements of this work. This has included advice from Procurement and is supported by staff from Strategic Portfolio and Business Change and Digital Technology Services.

The consultancy will focus on the gaps identified in the learning analytics option appraisal received by Shaping Futures including the integration and use of informative data sets to generate accurate predictive models of student engagement and those at risk of withdrawal.

The board also approved continued engagement with the JISC analytics network and this has also progressed. An opportunity to engage with the JISC analytics solution developed with the sector has also arisen and is being explored. Although there is no additional cost to this directly, consideration is being given to any shared efficiencies with the work to detail the consultancy requirements.

As part of the ongoing engagement with JISC, a meeting and demonstration has been arranged in March with key stakeholders.

The Learning Analytics information sheet summarises the context for learning analytics and indicative timescales for the work now underway. Please share this with any colleagues who may be interested in the learning analytics project.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Record of the meeting held on 30 January 2018
  3. Committee reports
  4. Chair’s Business
  5. Student’s Business
  6. Monthly Performance Report
  7. Employability
  8. Access Agreement
  9. Academic Advice – progress and next steps
  10. Learning Analytics update
  11. Communication Spotlight
  12. AOB


Christina Hughes – Chair; Simon Bromley; Julie Brunton; Julie Byrd; Nuala Devlin; Graham Holden; Kevin Kerrigan; Rebecca Khanna; Linda Mason; Neil McKay; Conor Moss; Nicola Rawlins; Joe Rennie, Luke Renwick; Toni Schwarz; Simon Thompson; Claire Ward; Emma Woodcock; Raela Chambers – Minutes Secretary and guests presenting items