These articles discuss the use of LinkedIn and other social media to support employability, Personal & Professional Development and Professional Recognition.

Guidance for students

LinkedIn for first year students Рwhy it is important to engage early

The PDP connection – making the connection between PDP and the use of LinkedIn LinkedIn for placement students – using LinkedIn to find, manage and reflect on placements

Guidance for academic professionals

Connecting professional recognition to LinkedIn

Infographic: Using social media to Remain In Good Standingusing-social-media-to-remain-in-good-standing Managing your LinkedIn connections for academics

Teaching and learning

Opportunities and challenges in the curriculum

PDP and social media Рsocial media for learning through PDP

Inforgraphic: Connecting Personal & Professional Development Planning with social media using Kolb’s Experiential Learning CyclePPDP-social-media-Kolb

The University

The Univesity Pages Рa case study of how the LinkedIn University Page and the LinkedIn Company Page are used at Sheffield Hallam University

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