About Connected U

The purpose of the Connected U is to promote the value of having, developing and maintaining an online professional profile to students and academic staff .

The first phase of the project was developed for the Higher Education Academy and focused on the importance of establishing an online profile in LinkedIn. The project produced materials to support the use of LinkedIn – a familiar social media platform already used by many staff, alumni, employers and students. Further information about that project is in this About the Project document: About the Connected U

The current and ongoing development work has two dimensions,

  • develop Personal & Professional Development Planning for students at Sheffield Hallam University;
  • develop good practice in using e-Portfolios including a social media ‘digital toolbox’ approach.


Establishing, developing and maintaining a professional profile

  • for students situates learning in the context of their future;
  • for academic staff it provides a focus for remaining in good professional standing.

This site offers a toolkit of resources to support the effective use of LinkedIn by staff and students made up of artefacts in multiple media, including:

  • Video ‘talking heads’ of employers describing how they scrutinise LinkedIn profiles, and other social media, as part of their recruitment strategies;
  • Short video case studies featuring alumni and how they understand the importance of social media in relation to getting a job;
  • Case studies from students and advisors describing their use of LinkedIn and how this has helped them, especially in becoming confident, networked professionals;
  • Leading academics talking about the importance of maintaining a professional network.

Articles on how developing a professional online presence relates to learning and to academic professional recognition are also available

Further information about the project is in this About the Project document: About the Connected U

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