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Minority Ethnic Male Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Project

Minority Ethnic Male Mental Health project aims to understand the mental health perception and support services preferred by the ethically minoritized male students at Sheffield Hallam University.

The Student Wellbeing Service and STEER (student engagement, evaluation, and research) are conducting this research to explore perceptions, barriers, and enablers in accessing SHU mental health services. The focus of this research is to build an understanding of the perceptions and preferences of mental health support services for minority ethnic male university students’, and their willingness to declare, and seek support for their mental health.

The key aim is to understand the enablers and potential barriers for individuals in seeking this type of support. The study will explore awareness levels of existing support and what might facilitate support seeking for Individuals who identify as minority ethnic male students should they need it.

The project is open to all male students from minoritised backgrounds for participation. You can take part even if you do not have a mental health concern or have heard of/used mental health support services.

The Research

The project data is collected and analysed through Listening Rooms, an initiative of Sheffield Hallam University. Listening Rooms records a conversation between two friends on a topic. No researcher will be present during the conversation, and participants are given six set themes as prompts for discussion.

Students will not be asked to disclose any mental health concerns during the conversation but may share as much as they want.

The conversation is transcribed and anonymised. It is then analysed through Round Table Analysis. The Analysis findings will help understand the current perception and preferences regarding mental health services at Sheffield Hallam University. Based on the findings, recommendations are presented.

You and your friend will receive £20 Amazon voucher for participation in the project.

How Do I Participate?

Steps for participation: Step 1: Invite your friend - Ask your friend, also a SHU student, to participate with you in this project. 

Step 2: Register your interest - Email to express your interest in this project and quote LRMMW23.

Step 3: Set Date and Time - A member of  the Listening Rooms team will reply to arrange a date and time suitable for your online conversation.  

Step 4: Receive a session link - You and your friend will receive a session link before your arranged time.
Steps for participating

If you have any questions regarding the project or the listening rooms, please email, and a member of team will get back to you.