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Listening Rooms Method

Data Collection

The Listening Rooms method can be applied both face-to-face and online.

In face-to-face format, participants will need essential kit which consists of digital voice recorder, ten-minute egg timer and six prompt cards. Online, participants will need internet access, microphone and access to online communication platform. Conversations between participants require a quiet and private space. Sessions are recorded without a researcher present, but with explicit written participant consent. The recordings are then transcribed and ready for Round Table Analysis. 

Participants are asked to use the six prompt cards to guide their conversations. Each prompt is derived from academic literature and supported by three sub-questions to help guide the conversation. Over time, six particular prompt cards have proved to be the most effective in enabling participants to share their experiences with confidence.  The prompt card topics are: Becoming, Belonging, Confidence, Happiness, Journey, and Success.