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We can offer our consultancy services. To work with us, please email the Listening Rooms inbox or get in contact through our Contact us page for more details about Listening Rooms.


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External Workshops

  • Parkin, H.J. & Heron, E. (2019) Student Voice – Listening Matters! Student Engagement workshop, UCL, November 7th
  • Heron, E (2018) Listening Rooms OFFA/SRHE Access and Widening Participation Seminar, Bristol, January 25th

Consultancy Workshops

  • Listening Rooms methodology training session, University of Liverpool, June 21st 2022 (Emma Heron & Helen J Parkin)
  • Listening Rooms with University of Kent, January – June 2022 (Emma Heron & Helen J Parkin)


  • Heron, E & Parkin, H.J (2021) Listening matters and listening works: effective and meaningful institutional change through friendship conversations and democratic decisions. An exploration of two methods Advance HE Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Conference, March 16th – 18th
  • Heron, E. (2019) Listening Rooms: a Qualitative method for better listening Symposium: How can we meaningfully listen to students’ voices to shape widening participation policy & practice? Creativity, criticality and conformity in Higher Education SRHE Annual Research Conference, Celtic Manor, Newport, South Wales, December 11th – 13th
  • Parkin, H.J. & Heron, E. (2019) Listening Matters! The challenge of genuine listening in a higher education setting for the purpose of change Methodological Innovation to meet 21st century challenges: Manchester University, Manchester, June 10th
  • Heron, E & O’Brien. S. (2019) The anticipation, expectation and reality of belonging to the teaching profession: Listening to sixth formers, trainee teachers and recently qualified teachers 10th TEAN (Teacher Education Advancement Network) Conference, Conference Aston, Birmingham, May 10th
  • Parkin, H.J. & Heron, E (2018) Using Innovative Methodologies to Listen to the Student Voice and Stimulate Change RAISE Conference: Working Better Together, Sheffield September 5th-7th
  • Heron, E, Dillon-Herne, C & Pearson, C (2018) Learner Voices and the Art of Listening RAISE Conference: Working Better Together, Sheffield September 5th-7th
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  • Heron, E. (2017) Friendship as method.  Reflections on a new approach to understanding the student experience SHULTA17 Conference: The Quality Paradox: Creativity and Compliance in a TEF World, Sheffield, June 29th


The guardian university award 2020Helen J. Parkin on the left ann Emma J. Heron on right, both holding their Guardian University Student Experience Award 2020