The Listening Rooms Project is unique to HE and comprises two innovative methods working together to bring about positive institutional change. Inspired by BBC Radio 4’s The Listening Project, friendship conversations between students are discussed and analysed by relevant stakeholders, enabling decisions to be made on better and truer understanding of the lived student experience.


Listening Rooms captures real conversations between friends, who take part in conversation around six themes. By removing the researcher from the room, the project creates a safe space for friends to have open, honest and uncensored discussions about their experiences and removes researcher bias. Round Table Analysis identifies stakeholders with the ability to affect change and is used to analyse Listening Room data. The approach empowers contributors to take ownership of data and use it to inform decision making.


The Listening Rooms project is a key component of the University’s shift in culture towards becoming a ‘learning organisation‘. Two ‘listening pods’ have been purchased and installed on campus, demonstrating Sheffield Hallam’s commitment to collaboration with our students. Any aspect of the student experience can be explored using this method.


Listening Rooms Method

Round Table Analysis