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Exploring Nursing Students’ Experiences

The Project

Listening Rooms Nursing project aims to understand Nursing students’ experiences and engagement with their course. The project wants to capture belonging and support, engagement with peers and assessments, and any challenges that they faced in their module.

The Nursing department is conducting this research to increase their understanding of the students’ experience to help re-shape the course. By developing this insight, they can continue to enhance the course around access, assessments, peer support for example, which will help to enhance the student experience and engagement with learning. This will hopefully lead to better student outcomes and support learning and development transitions through the course.

This project invites students from all ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds to get the full picture of student’s experience and engagement with their course.

The Research

Listening Rooms, an initiative of Sheffield Hallam University, collects and analyses the project data. It records a conversation between two friends on a topic. No researcher will be present during the conversation, and participants are given six set themes as prompts for discussion.

The recording is transcribed and anonymised. It is then analysed through Round Table Analysis. The Analysis findings will help understand nursing students’ experience at SHU and explain their engagement with the course. Based on the findings, recommendations are presented.

You and your friend will receive £20 Amazon voucher for participation in the project.

Steps for Participating

How do I participate? 1. Ask your friend, also a SHU student, to participate with you in this project. 2. Email and quote LRNursing23 to express your interest. 3. A Listening Rooms team member will respond to your email and arrange a time for your online conversation. 4. You and your friend will receive a session link before the arranged time.
Step for participating in a Listening Rooms project

If you have any questions regarding the project or the listening rooms, please email, and a team member with respond as soon as possible.