Meetings and Seminars organised by the SIG

This research group meets to discuss curriculum and knowledge. Contact Richard Pountney for information about upcoming events and to join this group.

15th September 2023: Bringing Together the T and E of STEAM in Early Childhood Education: Robot Programming as an Approach. Dr. Weipeng Yang, Education University of Hong Kong

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10th May 2023: How teachers build a curriculum for their classrooms and how LCT might help. Dr. Robbie Campbell, XP School, Doncaster.

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15th June 2022: Exploring teachers’ professional learning for designing and making the curriculum

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Curriculum making and professional learning: interactions in teacher practices, Eleanor Hotham, doctoral candidate, SIOE.
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Making the Science curriculum active: teacher knowledge and expertise, Robbie Campbell, doctoral candidate, SIOE.
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Practice knowledge and mentoring: a realist analysis of professional learning in mentoring others, Richard Pountney, Postgraduate Taught Portfolio Lead, SIOE.
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18 May 2022: A challenge to the legitimation of professional practice within initial teacher education in England Diane Swift, Director Keele and North Staffordshire Teacher Education SCITT
AbstractPresentation (PDF), and Recording (65 minutes)

27th June 2019; Does curriculum matter? Professor Elizabeth Rata (University of Auckland); Dr. Steve Kirk (Durham University); Richard Pountney (SIOE).

26th March 2019; Gazes and Insights: A day of practice sharing, problem solving and community building. (with LCT UK Group) Meeting of the UK Legitimation Code Theory Research Group

26th March, 2019; A social realist methodology: how we use Legitimation Code Theory (LCT) in our educational research.  Assoc. Professor Steve Kirk, (Durham University); Diane Swift, (Keele University); Richard Pountney (SIOE)

7th July 2017: Epistemic justice: knowledge and the school curriculum; Professor Elizabeth Rata and Dr. Graham McPhail, (University of Auckland) and Richard Pountney (SIOE)

Wednesday 14th October, 2015: Reclaiming ‘Thinking with Bourdieu’, Professor David James, (Cardiff University); and Dr. Andrew Morrison (Sheffield Hallam University)

Friday 25th September, 2015: Critical perspectives on Social Realism, Dr Lew Zipin, and Professor Marie Brennan (Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia); and Professor Michael Young, (UCL, Institute of Education)

Thursday 2nd July, 2015: Social Realism Symposium: International perspectives on knowledge and the curriculum, Professor Sue Clegg (Leeds Beckett University), Professor Elizabeth Rata and Dr. Graham McPhail, (University of Auckland, New Zealand) and Richard Pountney (SIOE)

14th April, 2015: Waving not drowning: practical ways of helping students to cope with complex ideas and concepts, Richard Pountney (SIOE)

4th March, 2015: How curriculum knowledge matters: autonomy and consensus-seeking in course planning and approval in higher education, Richard Pountney (SIOE)

18th March 2013: Contesting the curriculum: what we say and what we mean by our courses in Higher Education, Richard Pountney (SIOE)

21 May, 2013: Describing what? The articulation of curriculum in the context of course planning, design and approval in Higher Education, Richard Pountney (SIOE)