PGR Poster Competition and Research Showcase (call for submissions)

PGR Poster Competition and Research Showcase

All SHU post-graduate research students are invited to apply for a place at this event.

Date: Wednesday 22nd April 2020, 12.30pm until 15.30pm.

Venue: Cantor 9132 & 9135, City Campus, Sheffield Hallam University.

Attendance: Free

Format of submissions: There are three strands for submissions:

  • Research poster (Doctoral students)
  • Research poster (Masters students)
  • Creative showcase (Open to all PGR students)

We are inviting students to present their research in the form of either a research poster, with two strands for Doctoral- and Masters-level student, or in another creative medium. Examples of creative showcase submissions could be: a visual map; moving images; an audio recording or soundscape; a 3D model – this is not an exhaustive list, so don’t be limited by our suggestions!

Whatever form your submission takes, it should convey a message about your research, it’s (potential) impact/academic significance and research design. You need to present your submission, either in poster or other format, in such a way that an audience can engage with it within five minutes. If you decide to present your research in a non-poster format, you should ensure that it fits within a square metre of space and is understandable as a stand-alone artefact. Your research should require no specialist equipment either for its presentation or to engage the audience – we can supply basic IT equipment such as a laptop and projection screen and can assist with finding the appropriate space to support engagement with your format. Further guidance on presentation formats and support will be provided to all presenters.

Submission of abstract: All students interested in presenting their research will need to submit an abstract related to their doctoral or masters research here.

The call for submissions is open until Monday 10th February at 6pm.

Your abstract should comprise no more than 200 words and should give an overview of your research or a specific aspect of it. You will also need to indicate whether you intend to present in a poster format or describe the format you will be using. This competition is open to students at every stage of their research, so you can choose to focus on initial ideas or research findings. Whether you are developing a PhD proposal, refining your ideas at RF1 and RF2 stage or preparing for a viva, this is a great chance to explore opportunities for communicating key ideas about your research.

Further information on entering can be found here. Whilst guidance on creating a poster can also be found here.

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