Sheffield Microbiomics Symposium (16 April – save the date)

SAVE THE DATE! On April 16 2020, the Department of Neuroscience will be hosting a one-day Sheffield Microbiomics Symposium to bring together local researchers investigating all aspects of the microbiome. Please register your interest via the online form.

The day will have three themes:

(i) new technology, skills, techniques (gene sequencing, reading the microbiome)

(ii) basic research investigating any aspect of the microbiome

(iii) translation of research (probiotic use in movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease – dietary interventions, supplements, gene targeting, phage technology).

The symposium is being organised as part of a collaborative microbiome research partnership between SiTRaN, University of Sheffield; and Centre for Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology (CeBSAP), Dept. of Psychology, Sociology and Politics, Sheffield Hallam University.

Further information about the event will soon be available.



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