Seasons Greetings

Professor Alison Metcalfe, Pro Vice Chancellor for the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Dear Colleagues

On recent visits to the departments I witnessed and heard the commitment and dedication we all share for educating and developing our students, and for the research and innovation we undertake to improve health and wellbeing; from the cellular to the community level. It is always a privilege to be part of a team where these endeavours are core principles. I want to thank everyone involved, firstly for making my visits so enjoyable and illuminating and secondly, most importantly to thank you for the significant contributions you as academics and professional service colleagues make throughout the year.

Now that I have a comprehensive overview of the Faculty’s work and how it fits with the university and the wider community, I can see what we need to do to build on our success, capabilities, skills and resources. There is quite a lot of change in the Faculty and wider university at the moment reflecting our need to be as adaptable and as flexible as possible to meet the changes taking place across the university sector globally.

In response to making the most of these changes, the Faculty Leadership Team (FLT) are preparing a plan to set out our ambitions, goal and schedule for taking the Faculty forward, in line with the university strategy, which everyone will have the opportunity to comment on in late February / early March. Change is always a double-bind; it can be unsettling but at the same time it can provide an opportunity, and I would just like to reassure you that the changes are all necessary to prepare us for delivering the vision of being a world leading applied university.

As we say goodbye to some colleagues – I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution they have made to the Faculty and wish them happiness and success in their new roles and ventures.

Finally, I would like to reiterate and thank everyone in the Faculty and associated with it for all their hard work. With the Christmas break upon us I hope everyone is able to have a very enjoyable holiday and festive break, and I look forward to seeing us all return refreshed and revitalised in the New Year.

With all good wishes for the Christmas season.


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