Dr Sunita Toor said

“Through training we hope to create empowered police officers and lawyers who have the ability to
perform their duties more effectively, without prejudice and discrimination and with a greater
understanding of how working in partnership with other agencies can improve justice for victims.

“The project will improve operational practice and prevent fewer victims from pulling out of the criminal justice system and this will contribute to addressing the limited impact of the government’s recent
legislation to deal with violence against women and girls.

“This is a unique approach to previous siloed initiatives in India where agencies tended to deal with
gender violence in isolation rather than in partnership. We are working with a number of key
stakeholders in India.

“The UK and the project partners have vast experience of establishing successful and sustainable
multi-agency partnerships. Our work will target policy and practice and seek long-term change in
procedures and training, which in turn will support more effective utilisation of the law.”