Vegan and veggie places to eat

By Laura Dowson, BA (Hons) Illustration, 2nd year

This is for the vegetarians, vegans, those considering these lifestyles and pretty much anyone who loves food.  If you live in Sheffield then congratulations because you are literally surrounded by veggie and vegan paradises! I want to share with you just a few places you may not have heard of or considered.

The Cutlery Works

Where: 33 Lambert St, Sheffield S3 7BG

The Cutlery Works is very new to me and very new to Sheffield! This is a quirky, bustling hive of food and drink based in Kelham Island. There are so many different food stalls and social areas that mean adventurous eaters, fussy eaters, veggies and vegans can all grab what they want and eat together in delicious, uncompromising harmony.

As vegetarians, my lactose intolerant friend and I were naturally drawn to the all vegan café Shed based on the top floor of The Cutlery Works building. We both agreed that the food was amazing and also extremely healthy with dishes ranging from smoothie bowls to wholesome plant based burritos. Another nice touch I noticed were the eco-friendly napkins provided, nice one Shed!

Five Rivers Coffee Co, a stall just down from Shed has vegan and vegetarian dishes and most importantly, alcohol. However, what makes this particular stall special, is the eye catching and most Instagrammable seating area I have ever seen. The multi-coloured lamps hanging at different heights from the ceiling creates the most amazing atmosphere and as an illustration student I couldn’t help but photograph and sketch them.

The final stall my friends and I opted to visit especially for desert was EllyJoy on the first floor. All of their sweet treats are plant based. Their signature ‘ice-cream’, Froconut is a game changer for vegan, gluten free and lactose intolerant sweet seekers. Not forgetting of course, the gluten free vegan doughnuts on display which are quite frankly pieces of art and also delicious.






Tabby Teas Cat Café

Where: 7 Cemetery Road, S11 8FJ

Satisfy your feline company cravings by paying a visit to this lovely little treasure just off London road. There are many perks aside from their enticing vegan and non vegan range of coffee and cakes. Student discount is offered, all cats are rescued from shelters and best of all, children under ten years old are not allowed! For a small price of £2.50 you can spend half an hour surrounded by cats and cake, my two favourite things. If you’ve ever wanted to give cat yoga a try (I know I have) Tabby Teas run classes too! The only way I could discourage a visit here is if you have a cat allergy, in which case I am so sorry.


Steel City Cakes

Where: 436 Abbeydale Road S7 1GN

If you heavily doubt the quality of vegan cake or know someone who does, this is the place you need to pay a visit. Huge, vegan birthday cakes await you as soon as you enter the café. For little expense you can indulge in sugary goodness, while periodically having to remind yourself that all is 100% vegan. Gluten free options, pasties and sandwiches are also available. Treat a sweet tooth vegan to an entire cake from Steel City Cakes as a birthday gift and you won’t disappoint.

Wild Rice

Where: 199 London Road S2 4LJ

You don’t ever have to settle for plain old tofu and vegetables from a Chinese takeaway  again. Wild rice boasts some amazing veggie alternatives to meat such as (a flat favourite) vegetarian satay mock chicken on skewers. The veggie/ vegan options are all very clearly stated on the menu and the quality of the food is always second to none. It really is the best food to order in if you’re having your friends round for a takeaway night. Oh and I can confirm that meat lovers also rate this food very highly.