Shop local – discover the Moor Market

By Charlotte Bradshaw, MA Multimedia Journalism.

Whether you’ve just arrived in Sheffield or lived here for some time, we all enjoy finding something new to love about this amazing city. Mine started with The Moor Market.

The Moor Market is situated part way down the Moor, reminiscent of Sheffield’s (700-year-old!) market history. As you enter you’ll soon find an array of fishmongers, bakeries, groceries and butchers. The freshest produce Sheffield has to offer and it saves us students money!

The first bargains can be found in the butchers. Being able to ask for meat by the amount of money you’re willing to spend is the first money saver, quickly followed by offers of 3 for £4 on selected pre-marinated meats.  All grocery stands also have offers on all fruit and veg, such as two punnets of strawberries or raspberries for just £1.50.

The bargains don’t stop there… The Moor Market also has various ethnic food stores that sell herbs, spices and vegetables that are hard to come by in most supermarket chains. With such amazing prices on such an array of products its easy to become inspired with new dishes to try. Also, I’ve had so much advice on how to prep, store and cook products, so if you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to ask!

Now all this thinking about food usually makes me hungry which is another beautiful thing about the market…. the food canteen. Cafes and takeaways in the corner offer everything from Chinese, to curry, to fish and chips. But just a warning, it gets busy so grab a table whilst you can.

Also if you have a sweet tooth like myself, I recently discovered ‘Mr Gao’s’. It’s a handmade bakery just a few stalls away from the food canteen and it serves the most amazing Japanese cheesecake.

But food isn’t the only thing the market has to offer. Other scattered stalls host salons, real ales, home supplies and cobblers to name a few. The Moor Market has a real sense of community and anything you buy supports local businesses. Going the length of your time in Sheffield without visiting it can be easily done, but don’t let it – trust me.