10 pretty cool Christmas presents on a student budget

By Julie Derbois, Erasmus student

Christmas is just around the corner, Santa Claus is already getting ready to come down from the North Pole, and like every year, you have the same problems: what am I going to buy? What does my dad like except books? I don’t have money, I don’t have time and I don’t have ideas!

Then problem solved, here are 10 quirky ideas between £4 and £25 that I found in only 2 shops in the City Centre! You don’t need to spend an awful lot of money, you just need 2 hours to get them and then you’re ready for Christmas!

Bird’s Yard on Chapel Walk

Sheffield’s bookmark £3.99
Whether you dad loves to read, your sister has her head stuck in an academic books but always loses her place, here’s the solution! For only £4, you will help them by giving them a bookmark that is unique to Sheffield. Each bookmark has Sheffield location like Firth Park. How cool is that, right? Don’t be too impressed, stay with me and receive all the magic of this amazing life-changing article!


Candles made in Sheffield £7.95
What’s the best thing to make a place cosy with a good atmosphere? Candles, man!  But well, candles are everywhere and all look the same … How can it be more original and special? Candles made in Sheffield! I have found a range of scents from Christmas pine and spices, fresh linen to coffee beans etc. And thinking about it, you will help local producers in the process.

Sheffield Cookbook £10
Someone in your family loves to cook? Has your family always wondered what a typical Sheffield dish is? Well, here you go, with this amazing cook book you get the best of South Yorkshire and Sheffield recipes to impress your friends and relatives!

Vintage clock £12
Personally, this is one of the best ideas I found! How original it this? They are clocks made out of recycled music cassette tapes, and painted in funky colours or just kept like the original version. It is practical, which is, well, pretty convenient, and at the same time, a great way to decorate your room, office or anywhere else you can find a little space!

Pineapple light £14
YES, let’s spend our money in some quirky pineapple light! Did you say quirky? I would say amazing, buddy! I am sure your sister would love it. Trust me, this is so kawaii, you will make someone very happy with this adorable little ananas.


Chopping board £15
Your mum is in love with Lionel Richie since she was 14? Your dad is obsessed with Games of Thrones? This is the coolest chopping board you can find in town, and, it’s been made by people from Sheffield, so here you go.



Moonko on Division Street

Necklace £15
How cute is this? With different designs, you can offer this cute little necklace and add something inside like a word or a picture, anything! This then can be more personal.

 Make your own monster £20
This can look creepy at first, but in the end, it is one cool dude! If you need to buy for small kids this is just perfect.

Map of the world £24.95
Well, a map is pretty random. But this one is actually really creative! For each month, you have a different country with location of the main cities. A good way to decorate a living room and improve your geography. Pretty and informative!


Bath time £25.50
Last but not least, here is the best bath time present for you to get! In this great box there are:
Bath salt: because it’s always nice to smell good
Candle: because we love candles
Body oil: well, you do what you like, none of my business 😉

And if you still need to find that perfect present, the shop make their own jewelry pieces and imports some from India too. It also has a cool collection of plants for the plant lover in your life.

I hope you liked my little tour, next episode next month!