A Coffee Lover’s Guide to Sheffield

If you love coffee, and since you’re here I’m assuming you do, then Sheffield is an absolute haven. Whether you like the big chains like Starbucks and Costa or if you like finding hidden gems in the back alleys, Sheffield is sure to provide. I’m sure we are all familiar with the high street coffee shops so instead I’m going to take you on a tour of 3 of Sheffield’s lesser-known yet every bit as tasty coffee outlets. I should add that this post was written under the influence of large amounts of caffeine and at 200mph.

The Holt

Tucked away in what appears to be an old industrial unit/warehouse, The Holt certainly has edge. All the furniture is reclaimed, the decor is all very rustic and there is no shortage of fairy lights. If you are sporting a hipster beard, harem pants or glasses without lenses you will be sure to fit in just fine. Aside from the place’s cool vibe the coffee is great too. The independently sourced beans are freshly ground before your eyes and crafted into a very different tasting coffee that makes for a refreshing change; away from the monotony of your usual coffee place on the way to uni.

Tamper Coffee

In my opinion, Tamper probably secures the top spot in terms of taste. Located on City Campus it is a convenient place to grab a pre-lecture coffee and has most certainly aided in getting me through many 2h lectures which would have been immeasurably more painful without. The atmosphere in the café itself is very chilled and it is the venue of choice for meetings with my fellow #HallamInsiders and indeed catchups with my little brother now he’s moved to Sheffield for his first year of uni (see picture). Tamper will always remain a longstanding favourite.

@Tamper Coffee Sellers Wheel

Motore Café

Last but most certainly not least is Motore Café. Whilst this is not strictly a café and it is actually more accurately described as a tuk-tuk with a coffee machine on the back; it has to be the coolest coffee place in Sheffield. Come rain or shine this pop-up coffee shop is always faithfully present on Howard Street, the hill leading up to City Campus from the station. Josh and Lia who serve the coffee are always very friendly and never fail to brighten up the otherwise soul-destroying walk to your 9am. This is also a favourite in terms of flavour and makes walking up the hills of Sheffield that little bit more bearable. This one is not to be missed.

@MotoreCafe Howard Street