With the start of full teaching fast approaching we are working closely with the contractors and the faculty to ensure that any outstanding issues within Sheaf and EMB which could have an impact on returning students or staff have been highlighted and actioned. This week a full check of both buildings has been carried out, internally and externally, to identify any concerns and ensure these are picked up and actioned as soon as possible. A number of noisier, more disruptive works  have also been completed over the summer period including demolition in what will be the new chemical engineering lab in Sheaf (4013 and 4014) and breaking out the large concrete planters on the Pond Street bridge. Although this work did cause disturbance for staff in those areas, being able to complete this during the summer has significantly limited the impact of this work on the student experience. Work to Sheaf Level L, which was originally planned for October, was also brought forward and completed.

No further significantly disruptive work is planned during the next two weeks. The new atrium is starting to take shape, with both roofing and external cladding in progress and roof glazing due to be installed this month. This week netting is being installed in preparation for the installation of the roof deck. Work on the Pond Street bridge is continuing, with decking and the installation of the canopy roof due to begin. Works to repair the gutters around Sheaf has also commenced and scaffolding will be in place around the building for the next few months as this work is completed.

In EMB L2 flooring and decorations are being completed and furniture installed, and in Sheaf level 1 mechanical and engineering works will be ongoing in the next week or so.

The occasional heavy rain over the last couple of weeks has led to some more water ingress in Sheaf level 0, causing a small amount of damage. The source of the leak was tracked down and dealt with swiftly by the contractors, who worked over the bank holiday to enable them to manage and monitor the problem but, as mentioned in a previous update, this issue is not likely to be completely solved until the area around the new atrium in enclosed. All being well this should be the case by the end of October.

With the STEM project due to be completed during this academic year this should be an exciting few months as the refurbishment is completed, the new atrium comes to fruition and we can boast a fantastic new space on campus.