From the 4th September, Facilities Operations will be switching the software system that we use to manage information about our estate from Micad to INVIDA.

How will this affect me?

If you phone Helpdesk (x4444), log a facilities job; a repair, breakdown or report an issue with a SHU building or facility – that job will be logged on our software system. While the work is being undertaken you will be given a reference number and gain access to updates. During September, while we are adapting to our new system, you are likely to see a reduction to this information, which will then improve over the coming months. Please bear with us during this transition, once INVIDA is fully embedded in the way we work, the access to and the quality of information will significantly improve for all stakeholders. The new system will also flag up health and safety risks more effectively allowing for improved investigation and remediation.  

What is INVIDA?

INVIDA is an award-winning online software tool (known as Computer Aided Facilities Management or “CAFM”) designed specifically for clients like SHU to make the best use of information around space and “assets” such as items of plant and equipment that go into the built environment that we manage.

If you have any questions or concerns you can direct them to: ! Estates CAFM Team