Work on Sheaf and EMB continues to progress well as we head into the new academic year, with construction of the new atrium well underway. Erection of glazing on the roof lights began last week and the new stairways are currently being built. There is an area of screed around what was the old Sheaf/EMB entrance that will need to be removed as the new floor is levelled off and this is likely to create some noise disruption. However the contractors have confirmed they will complete this work outside usual teaching hours to minimise disturbance as far as possible. There  was some disruption last week due to drilling on stonework in Sheaf, and some staff were experiencing unpleasant smells as this was being carried out. The contractors stopped work as soon as this was reported and were able to track down the source of the problem and fix it swiftly.

The tower crane, which has been on the site of the old NMB since April, will be removed in October. This will require Pond Street to be closed while the crane is taken away, although footpath access into Surrey building will be unaffected. The contractors are planning to undertake this out of hours to limit inconvenience during the normal teaching week. Work on the bridge across Pond Street, which includes the building of a canopy over the walkway, is also progressing well. As this moves closer to Surrey, we will work with the contractors to ensure windows close to the bridge are protected and insulated to mitigate any disruption for staff in adjacent rooms.

The same applies to staff moving into the newly refurbished areas of Sheaf level 1, where we are ensuring insulation and boarding is in place to protect from noise disruption in other areas still under the control of the contractor.

Finally, with the campus getting busy again after summer, we are reinforcing to staff, students and contractors in Sheaf and EMB the importance of safety while the project is ongoing. Signage on exits and entrances has been checked, access is being managed and those on site are being reminded of their responsibilities to help keep all building users safe.