The work on Sheaf and EMB is progressing very well, with no majorly disruptive work planned for the next two weeks. Walls are being erected within the new atrium which will cause some noise but this won’t be too disruptive.  There is an area of screed that will need to be removed close to the atrium stairs, but this will be undertaken out of hours to minimise disturbance to staff and students.

The final fit out of EMB is being completed, with furniture being installed. Work on level 0 of Sheaf and EMB is scheduled to begin by the end of October. Within the new atrium, the new roof is halfway to completion and should be finished in the next couple of months.

The tower crane has now been taken down from the NMB grounds, and the site handed back to the University. Although an open day was being held at the same time, and the timing of this work was not ideal, it was necessary to complete the removal of the crane last weekend. Contractors, the faculty and the events team worked closely together to ensure the crane was removed without impacting on open day activities.

Finally, the STEM development featured prominently in The Star on 24 September as part of a new feature on estates developments across the city. It’s great to see, as the project comes ever closer to completion, that the investment we are making in our teaching and learning spaces is being recognised.