Anyone who has been in the vicinity of Sheaf and EMB – or indeed around Pond Street in general – in the last couple of weeks will have seen that the tower crane is now in situ and operational on the old NMB site. This will be up and running for several months as the new Atrium is constructed. The smaller crane, which is being used for steel installation on the corner by Harmer Lane, will remain in place until next week. To accommodate this, the current road closure on Pond Street has been extended until 20 June.

This extension meant the road remained closed for both our general open days last week. I know the team are very aware of the potential impact of ongoing construction work on the visitor experience during these events and did as much as they could to minimise any disruption. This included ensuring areas around the site and access routes were tidy and noise was kept to a minimum.

A number of people are still using the goods entrance and service yard to access Sheaf and EMB during the works, or are using the yard as a smoking space.  For your own safety, and that of our students, the goods yard should not be used in this way. Such activity is potentially very dangerous, not only because of heavy vehicles moving in and out but also because materials are being lifted in this area. Although the goods yard remains available as a fire escape route, and for goods in or out where agreed with the contractor, it should not be used for any other reason by staff or students.

Other work on the project is continuing well. On EMB level 2 internal walls and partitions are going up. Sheaf level 2 has been completed and initial stripping out and preparation work is ongoing on level 1. Work on this level will affect the heating and cooling system over the next few weeks. However, as room 4114 is still in use during these works the contractors have arranged for a temporary cooling system to be installed. This will ensure that temperatures in the room will remain comfortable during the summer.