The vast majority of the heavy demolition work planned for this phase of the project has been completed, and work over the next few weeks should cause very little disruption.

The remaining areas of Sheaf level 2 were handed back to the University last week and these are being prepared for use. Initial strip-out and light works are continuing in those areas of Sheaf level 1 that are within the project; you can see a plan of the areas with restricted access here. The problems we were having with water ingress on Sheaf level 0 have improved significantly, despite recent heavy rain, and the contractors will continue to monitor this.

Traffic and footpath restrictions are currently in place on Pond Street and will remain so until Friday 10 June. This is to support steel installation work on the Atrium. Traffic running along Pond Street, immediately outside Sheaf and EMB, is restricted to single file and the pedestrian footpath and crossing immediately outside the two buildings are closed off. The footpath on the opposite side of the road is unaffected, meaning pedestrians can still walk along Pond Street. Signage is in place to inform pedestrians of alternative walking routes and crossing points. A plan showing the temporary restrictions is available here.

Access to both Sheaf and EMB remains unaffected during this road closure. However these restrictions will be in place during the first of this year’s general open days, on Friday 10 June.  For those within Sheaf and EMB there may be some noise disruption during this installation work, although this will be in short, sharp bursts and should not cause any lengthy disturbances.

Completion of the drainage connections on EMB level 2 will be completed over the weekend of 4 and 5 June, which will require closure of toilet facilities on all levels of EMB. Although this is out of normal working hours, and facilities should be restored by Monday morning, any staff or students using the building during those days will need to access alternative toilets in Sheaf building during this time. The minor work on EMB level 1 has now been completed although please note that the catering outlet, Eric’s, has now closed and will remain so over the summer.

It has been confirmed that the tower crane, which will be erected on the old NMB site, will arrive on Monday 6 June. Installation will take three days. As this is taking place at the same time as the Pond Street closure above no additional road restrictions are needed. A section of the NMB hoarding will need to be taken down as the crane is erected and this will impact on disabled access to Sheaf. However this area will be staffed during this short period and any wheelchair users will be guided to alternative entrances.