The removal of the concrete steps between Sheaf and EMB has now been completed. Although every effort was made to mitigate the disturbance this caused, including providing quiet areas and limiting the hours of work, this has been a very disruptive part of the project. Thank you to all staff and students for their patience during the last couple of weeks while this has been ongoing. There remains a small amount of demolition work to complete in this area, including removing a smaller staircase, lift shaft and adjoining walls, but this is not expected to be as disruptive. When this is completed it will pave the way to begin building the new glass Atrium which will connect the two buildings;  a very exciting part of the project!

Work in Sheaf level 2 is progressing well. Window installation is now complete and decoration, flooring, mechanical works and joinery are all ongoing. The soft strip on level 2 of EMB is due to begin at the end of February after work on the floors has been completed.

Plans are being developed for removal of the stair core within EMB. As this will be another noisy and disruptive piece of work, it is highly unlikely that is can be carried out at the same time as teaching is taking place in the building. Options to move teaching out of EMB where possible, restrict this demolition work to out of hours or, potentially, carry it out during the Easter break are being explored.

Over the next few weeks cladding will be going up on to the exterior of Sheaf, where the building faces Pond Street. This will of course require scaffolding to be erected, and where necessary footpath closures and temporary pedestrian walkways will be set up.

Finally, following a number of messages to staff and students regarding the risks of entering Sheaf/EMB via the rear goods yard, and improved signage in that area, the number of incidences of pedestrians using this area has reduced significantly. Thank you to everyone who helped to spread this message.