Since the last update we have been in constant communication with the contractors delivering the Charles Street build, Balfour Beatty, regarding progress on the project. Whilst there has been a significant improvement in  performance over the previous few months, it is clear that a combination of the recent bad weather and the complexity around some of the re-sequencing of activities that have had to be made means there is now some doubt in relation to whether full completion of the building can be achieved by 18 January.  This presents a significant risk to the staff and student experience of what will be a fantastic new building and therefore, after thorough consideration of all the factors and potential risks including further bad weather over the winter months, we have decided to reschedule our move into Charles Street beyond the planned date of 18 January 2016.

This decision was only taken after long and thorough consideration of the impact on everyone involved. However, our overriding priority has to be the delivery of an excellent experience for staff and students using Charles Street from day one, by ensuring that the building is properly commissioned and operational. The risk that this would not be possible within the planned timescales is too high to continue on this basis. The delay, although disappointing, will allow us to provide this certainty of occupation to the faculty and to our students.

We will continue work closely with Balfour Beatty to monitor their progress and  will update  on the progress of the project, and any new timescales, over the coming weeks.