Staff have now decanted from Sheaf level 2 and this has been handed over to the construction team to begin work this week. This means that work will now be taking place immediately above the level 1 helpdesk and the atrium. We are working with the contractors to minimise disruption to staff and students in this area but there may be some associated noise as the work continues.

Some exploratory work is also due to take place on the external steps in the concourse between EMB and Sheaf. This will be audible to staff and students working in the Sheaf labs, but the contractors will make every effort to keep this to a minimum. Windows facing the concourse are being boarded up, to protect people using those rooms from added disruption and to protect the windows from any debris. Obviously this will remove natural light from these areas but we have requested that the hoardings are painted white to minimise the effect of this.

The bad weather over the last couple of weeks has caused some issues with water leaking into the building. Steps were taken to remedy this and, despite heavy recent rain, there have been no more issues with major leaks. There is also a more long-term repair planned to improve guttering around the concourse.

The new accessible slip-resistant ramp into EMB is now in use and will remain so throughout the project.

Whilst we are doing all we can to minimise inevitable disruption, we continue to work closely with the contractor to be responsive to feedback in this area.