Work on the Sheaf and Eric Mensforth (EMB) buildings is progressing well.

Level 3 of Sheaf is nearing completion. Ceiling and other installation work is being completed in the next couple of weeks, and new flooring is being laid and rooms prepared for redecoration. Our planned handover date for level 3 is 22 December and we’ll continue to monitor progress closely as we approach this date.

The contractors will begin removing flooring and stripping out ceilings and walls on Sheaf level 2 this week, prior to remodelling the space and building new walls. There will also be some remodelling work required on Level 1, in the network switch room, which may cause some disruption. In order to minimise this we are looking at the possibility of carrying out this work over a weekend and will be liaising with faculty staff and the contractors to agree an appropriate date.

Work is ongoing in the Atrium area, and the demolition of the lift shaft and concourse steps will begin soon. To mitigate any excess noise much of this work will be carried out by hand .

We are still having some issues with water leaks but the contractors have a plan in place addressing these as a priority and are working to identify where ongoing work may cause further issues. We are also working to ensure the assisted opening doors at the temporary entrances of both Sheaf and EMB are fully operational as the bad weather moves in

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