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At University-level, REF is managed by the Dean of Research, Professor Wayne Cranton. He is supported by the Policy and Performance team in RIO, consisting of Keith Fildes (REF manager) and Jenny Dunn (impact officer).  A REF Management Group also operates and includes the above, the four faculty Assistant Deans for Research and the Head of Research Services.

Locally each Unit of Assessment has an academic co-ordinator, an impact lead and an administrator. These roles are currently held by

UoA Name Co-ordinator Impact Administrator
3 Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy Pat Schofield Gordon Grant Karin Glockle
4 Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience Laura Kilby Laura Kilby Samm Wharam
5 Biological Sciences Tom Smith Simona Francese Karin Glockle
11 Computer Sciences and Informatics Simon Andrews Alison Honnor Amy Lander + Sarah Wild
12 Engineering Doug Cleaver Andy Alderson Gail Hallewell + Clare Mills Roberts
13 Architecture, Built Environment and Town Planning Ed Ferrari Ed Ferrari Sarah Ward
17 Business and Management Studies Andrew Johnston Andrew Johnston Colm Campbell
20 Social Work and Social Policy James Banks Jamie Grace Phil Whitby
23 Education Tim Jay Colin McCaig Linda Bray
24 Sport and Exercise Science, Leisure and Tourism Larissa Davies Larissa Davies Rebecca Jones + Carole Harris,     Sue Wallace, Amanda Keeling
27 English Language and Literature Chris Hopkins Chris Hopkins Samm Wharam
28 History Clare Midgley Matthew Stibbe Samm Wharam
32 Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory Paul Chamberlain Alison Honnor Ian Braddick + Sarah Wild
34 Communication, Cultural and Media Studies, Library and Information Management Dave Waddington Alison Honnor Amy Lander + Sarah Wild