Our research provides innovative and practical solutions for the real-world. Our approach emerges from our values as an institution. We believe in applied learning and multi-discipline collaboration. We believe universities should make material contributions to the health, cultural, economic and social challenges facing society today. 

Our aims

  • International recognition for undertaking research which has real social, economic and cultural impact
  • Identifying and seizing opportunities to lead in new and emerging areas
  • Applying research to enrich students’ learning and working with others to ensure translation into practice

Deliverables to 2020

  • Enhancing our research through targeted investment in areas of activity where we can make a distinctive contribution
  • Enhancing the impact of our research by supporting entrepreneurship and ensuring that all students access the best available knowledge or practice
  • Strengthening research and scholarly activity of outstanding quality by building teams which are well-balanced across learning and teaching, research and professional engagement; improving performance management and appraisals to encourage outstanding research and consultancy at a team level; providing appropriate CPD opportunities for staff with the potential to produce high-quality research; developing cross-disciplinary networks, and setting out clear expectations of staff around research and scholarship

Two years ago, we launched our Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan (CKIP). A summary of our progress is highlighted in the video below.

The research platforms

Our research strategy focuses on three areas that galvanise high-impact multi-disciplinary research, and act as beacons for external collaboration. You can view the new research website here

Enabling healthier lives
Creating innovative solutions for tackling today’s health challenges

Our practitioners, scientists, engineers and designers regularly collaborate to create new and innovative ways that help people lead healthier lives. As the largest provider of health and social care education in England, our research is rooted in providing practical solutions to healthcare challenges.

Building stronger communities
Helping people thrive through new technologies and education practice

We draw together and stimulate research across traditional disciplinary boundaries to support stronger communities, in response to major societal challenges at local, national and global levels. Our understanding of society and education has never been stronger and the opportunities afforded by new technologies and new social dynamics allow us to re-imagine and re-establish the basis for thriving communities.

Driving future economies
Innovating to drive growth in the face of profound changes

Economic models and structures are undergoing profound and potentially seismic changes around the globe. This comes from technological developments and the interplay between the economy and a whole host of developments including energy supplies, climate change, new forms of economic organisation and the future of work. Our research explores these challenges, providing solutions to increase productivity and keep business ahead of the curve through innovation.

Work streams

The table below provides an overview on the work streams and the 2019/20 focus of the Creating Knowledge Board