11 July 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes

Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) May 2017
The Board received a headline summary of the research-student satisfaction survey outcomes and was asked to note that SHU ranks in the top quartile; representing significant progress compared to 2015. More detailed analysis will now take place and will be made available via The Source. The outcomes will underpin the next Annual Quality Review and inform the scope and prioritisation of further response activity being led by the Research Degrees Committee. The outcomes will also be publicised externally via the Higher Education Academy and in future marketing campaigns.

Mini REF report
The Board received a paper summarising the initial results of the the Mini-REF 2017 which ran during the first half of 2017 to provide the University with periodic assurance of the quality of outputs and ensure that areas are making satisfactory progress towards, and is prepared for, REF 2021. The Board agreed with the recommendation to run the Mini-REF again in 18 months time based on the new HEFCE criteria for REF 2021 (expected in the spring) and to continue to support all relevant areas.

Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) Mandate
The Board approved an investment of £200k to support the development of the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre business during year one and prepare the detailed design of the AWRC facility. The Board requested that a more detailed return on investment and benefits breakdown be presented at the November Board.

Publications Management System Procurement
The Board approved an investment of £130k in year one to fund the procurement and implementation costs (year 1 only) of a publications management system which will support the University in managing research outputs and preparing the next REF submission. Potential systems will now be investigated prior to a recommendation being presented to the November Board.

Innovation Acceleration Fund Mandate
The Board approved an investment of  £200k to create a Proof of Concept Fund for the next two academic years. This is designed to support entreprenuership by providing financial support to aid the commercialisation of research. Advice would be sought from the new Innovation Advisory Board on which are our most promising propositions and how we can best develop them to attract external investment. A more robust appraisal of the benefits is to be presented at the October Board.

The Board agreed to organise a Creating Knowledge away day in September 2017; the content and timing of which is to be discussed further.


1. Apologies for absence
2. Record of the meeting on 13 June 2017
3. Postgraduate Research Experience Survey
4. Mini REF report
5. AWRC Mandate
6. Publications Management System Procurement
7. Innovation Acceleration Fund Mandate
8. AOB


Paul Harrison (Chair), Wayne Cranton, Ann Macaskill, David Morley, Martin Conway, Jo Solecki, Doug Cleaver, Emma Scoffield, Lloyd Snellgrove, Peter Wells, Davina Porock, Helen Roberts (Secretary) and guests presenting items.