Professorial lecture- Sital Dhillon, Christmas carol service, symposium- educational talk

Faculty LGBT staff social, Festival of Social Science, Hallam Handmade, Humanities public lecture, CRESR seminar series and the Hallam Big Read

Black History month, identifying and supporting STEM for young children, Off the Shelf, Ireland and the UK in Brexit world, creative writing master class, Transforming Lives session, research data management and Festival of Social Sciences


VC all staff meetings, research supervisor event, Sheffield & Rotherham general annual meeting, Performance Lab Off The Shelf events


Library research team running introductory sessions, RIO half day workshop, SHU Dementia Research workshop



Albie Sachs justice talk, Parent & Carer’s network event for academics, SHU Space and Place group, Social justice in English Language Education conference, July transforming Lives sessions, PsyPAG national conference


Connecting with professional practice, Shaping public spaces from below, Cog-lab dissemination, SBS management lecture series, from academic content to professional practice in an hour, student transitions to higher education, CeBSAP conference and launch event, Off the Shelf 2019 update


Inaugural professional lectures, Community of philosophical enquiry seminar, Mental health awareness, CRESR seminar on urban platforms, SHU space and place seminar, May transforming lives sessions, VC’s all staff meetings, Decolonising the univeristy symposium, Connecting with professional practice conference, Equality, diversity and inclusion conference

World autism day, Bish Bash Bosh by Off the Shelf, Living with pornography project, Sheffield Hallam nutrition fair, Creative writing masterclass series, Road map to change, SHU space and place group, HIVE young writers festival, Sheffield half marathon, Sheffield Hallam’s academic assembly, SIPS symposium of class and austerity, April transforming lives sessions, CRESR seminar on post crisis labour markets, Enhancing critical thinking using the CoPE approach

2019 SHU Fest, University mental health day, Women’s history month, Course open day, Low energy architecture- research seminar, Danny Porter 5 k run, CRESR seminar- Hunger pains: life inside food bank Britain, HKC round table discussion on emotional labour, SHU mindfulness conference, BIM research seminar, March transforming lives sessions, Hallam Guild, Hallam i-lab, Assimilating justice for practice conference, SiOE international conference, People, place and policy

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