Morning workshops

Transforming learning by understanding how students use social2Transforming learning by understanding how students use social media as a different space
Andrew Middleton – Sheffield Hallam University @andrewmid 

Social media establish a new space for learning that is neither owned by the learner nor provided by the institution. Lack of ownership presents a challenge for pedagogic design. We will explore this rich extended learning space by collectively developing a set of design principles derived from literature and experience.

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joe ippolitoAre you preparing your students to be Social Technology Enabled Professionals (STEPs)?

Joe Ippolito, Dr Joyce Malyn-Smith and Heidi Larson – Education Development Center, Inc. USA @SocialTechPro    

Attendees will be introduced to materials created by a panel of U.S. social media experts that identify the work responsibilities of a Social Technology Enabled Professional (STEP) and provide guidance on measuring the performance of those responsibilities. The session will demonstrate how the materials can be used to build training curriculum.

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Social StorytellingSocial storytelling: Evidencing a personal learning narrative through digital media

Dr Sarah Copeland @XarahC – University of Bradford and Dr John Couperthwaite @johncoup – PebblePad

We propose to invite participants to explore the relationship between sharing of narrative and gathering evidence as a social learning framework. We aim to facilitate workshop activities centred on portfolio-based learning, digital storytelling, and assessment through a connectivist learning model.

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Developing and optimising your professional identity 

Charles Hardy / @charleshardy – LinkedIn

This session will explore the role of social media in defining your “professional brand”, the key building blocks for a strong brand, and how it can play an influential role in marketing you (and your business / institution) as desirable to work with.

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Copyright education in the age of social media

Chris Morrison @cbowiemorrison – University of Kent and Dr Jane Secker @jsecker – London School of Economics  

This workshop draws on findings from a survey of copyright literacy levels amongst librarians and related professionals (Morrison & Secker, 2015). Participants will explore some of the challenges that social media presents and consider the best ways of supporting staff and students to use social media ethically and legally.

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Social media – accessibility and inclusion, benefit or barrier?

Alistair McNaught @alistairm – Jisc

Social media opens up a range of new opportunities for disabled learners. It has inclusion benefits in encouraging collaboration, reflection, peer feedback etc.  However, different social media have different accessibility issues so you can unwittingly create barriers for some whilst removing them for others. This workshop explores problems and solutions.

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The HONY Model: Extending the journalism classroom using social media

Dr Chindu Sreedharan @Chindu – Bournemouth University and Dr Lada Price @jnl113
– University of Sheffield  

This workshop aims to explore storytelling on social media as a way to enhance elementary journalism skills at the UG and PG levels. From a brief distributed earlier, and using the Human Of New York style of content creation as a model, participants will file stories for a live Facebook page and Tumblr site ( We propose to hold a one-hour workshop on the conference day, which will be devoted to the deconstruction of the process of content creation, the artefacts, and the usefulness of the exercise for journalism education.

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