#SocMedHE17: Making an impact

Tuesday 19th December 2017

at Sheffield Hallam University

Papers and workshops at #SocMedHE17

#SocMedHE17: Making an impact considered the role that social media for learning can play in addressing the major challenges being faced by Higher Education.

The pressures on universities are hard to ignore. In the UK, the introduction of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and its core metrics – employability, teaching quality and retention – directly influence the direction of university strategies; while the National Student Survey (NSS) reveals specific contextual challenges that demand attention. Internationally, the titles may be different, but the pressures will be similar. As a consequence, resources are often stretched and only allocated to activities that will have visible and maximum impact on these challenges.

In this risk-averse environment, pedagogic innovation must be valued, nurtured and supported. Pedagogies that use social media, in particular, occupy a tricky space – the opportunities are rich, varied and ever-evolving and the potential for transformative impact considerable. However, they often demand significant investment of time, energy and creative thought, and to succeed require students ready and willing to be engaged, and digitally confident and competent staff.

#SocMedHE17 encouraged submissions that provide evidence of educators and students using social media to make a positive impact on these challenges in formal and informal learning environments. Indicative themes included:

  • engaging, stimulating and challenging learners
  • reaching and engaging different groups of learners
  • innovative ways of meeting learning outcomes and enabling learning gain
  • enhancing employability outcomes
  • building staff and student digital capability and confidence
  • scaling up excellence for broader impact

Students at #SocMedHE17
As in previous years, a number free places were awarded to students to present independently, alongside staff, or to attend as delegates in their own right.

Papers and workshops at #SocMedHE17