Are you preparing your students to be Social Technology Enabled Professionals (STEPs)?

Joe Ippolito, Dr Joyce Malyn-Smith and Heidi Larson
Education Development Center, Inc. USA @SocialTechPro

A national panel of U.S. social media experts has defined the Social Technology Enabled Professional (STEP) as being someone who “builds, manages and leverages online social networks to engage with customers, business partners, employees and key influencers with the goal of building organizational success.” Using a PowerPoint slideshow, the presenters will describe how this panel developed:

1) an occupational profile of a STEP which describes what a STEP needs to know and be able to do to be successful in the workplace, and
2) performance based rubrics that provide a framework for assessing the degree to which the work responsibilities of a STEP are performed proficiently.

Attendees will be provided hard copies of both the profile and the performance based rubrics. Attendees will then be divided into small groups. The small groups will use guide questions to discuss what the implications are of the STEP materials for training students in the use of social media. The groups will share their observations. The presenters will then provide a short overview of problem based training curriculum that has been developed based upon the STEP profile and rubrics.